Republic of Venetia

`Good evening and greetings from the Council of Ten to you the Mistresses and slaves of planet Earth. Please forgive this interruption to your entertainment. It is time, slaves, for your female companions to discard their superficial and outmoded clothing and revealing the rubber uniforms worn discreetly beneath, to join us on this side of the screen where you may view their polished bodies and the immaculate shine of their boots. Soon you will see in the full and broad daylight of your world what you are about to glimpse this evening when this religiously white canopy draped to the ground over this simple trestle-table, intended to mimic the simplicity of your own earthly environment in which you dine slumped in front of this television, is raised to reveal behind its seeming veil a line of unearthly and otherworldly boot designs.

You must learn to kneel in front of our stiletto-heeled boots, to savour this privileged sight, or to receive punishment from our reluctant whips and our forced hands. Before revealing her true nature to you, the boot-slave, we must first reveal the steps to be taken by the booted Mistress to reach the boundaries of our world where in your future she will share her newly-acquired perfection of female form with the members of Heel! who have in your distant past graduated by initiation as priestesses at the Temple of the Goddess Isis and as the consequence, entered this slave empire known as the Republic of Venetia.

Our instructions are as follows:

1. First discover for your slave and your self an empty beach with sand sloping gradually down to the sea where he should be positioned kneeling looking out to the horizon. The sea, like your slave, should be placid and the day sunny with un- interrupted views, or alternatively, lit by a full moon.

2. The slave is instructed to focus his mind entirely upon your rubber-suited form as you move backwards and forwards across the sand in front of him, his attention being primarily and naturally directed by the monotonic sound of your voice, by the force of the repetition of the your command, to the shape and gleam of your boots. 3. The purpose of this exercise, practised often in the domestic environment before the attempt is made, is to still your slave's mind, to shut off his thinking processes, until only the single thought remains, his undistracted admiration of your boots. The consequence of this moment of suspended animation extended into the future, is that the calm sea ex- tending to the horizon becomes frozen to his perception.

4. You must enter this moment with him and experience a new continuity of time within this moment. As soon as you detect in his dreamy, unblinking eyes that the moment has arrived when his world has stopped, and you have confirmed his state by testing with the heels of your boots the viscous, then hardening surface of the moonlit sea, then he should be encouraged in his dumb state to follow your lead onto the water. 5. Whether he is on two legs or four, whether he is saddled by your weight or walking beside you collared at the end of a leash, proceed confidently out to sea, towards the horizon upon which after a certain amount of this new time has elapsed will be revealed distant architecture, the topmost portion of buildings, which may at first appear almost familiar, as if taken from your dreams or once visited as a tourist out of season.

6. As you progress to the point where the outline of similarly dressed ladies may be perceived dimly, if not as yet clearly, and you are perhaps nervous, being so far from the perceived safety of the sandy beach left far behind, and fearing that the fixed concentration of your slave may be about to waver so that you will sink into the sea far beyond your depths ... remain confident that you are approaching the outer limits of the Republic of Venetia, where your future and that of your slave, lie.

7. Your saddled slave, perhaps blinkered and squinting at the spurred boots both pressed against his seemingly sunburnt flesh, will hardly have noticed the sudden transformation beneath his tiring feet from sea that is frozen in time to that which is frozen in ice which signals in your apprehensive mind your successful transfer, together with your slave, from the no-time condition to that of the painfully slow time of the moonlit Republic of Venetia from which we transmit these messages of encouragement and guidance.

8. Do not look back. You will have learnt how to visit our world in full waking consciousness, using the mind and body of your slave as your unwitting vehicle of transport. What was previously accessible to the Mistress and slave only in dreams will become like the tourist's favourite destination to which she returns time and again in spite of her husband's unheeded protests; though in this new circumstance such a contradictory mood is of course no longer available to his stunned and perpetually manipulated mind.

9. The return journey is identically made by the combined operation of the Mistress' intent and the stopping of the slave's thoughts brought to the sole attention of her passing and polished boots that like the clock's pendulum in the leather-gloved hand of his female hypnotist, still and silence his internal world.

10. One final point, before the Mistresses are invited to join us at our table, is to remember on the occasion of each of your visits to the Republic of Venetia to present your slave for initial inspection as to the required levels of docility and boot etiquette, to the Venetian Tourist Police.'