Temple of Isis-Hardback edition

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Madame de Morville writes from the moonlit seclusion of her French chateau about the future designs of the stiletto-booted membership of Heel!. She is of course a leading figure in that otherworldly organisation, dressed typically in leather or rubber, and is personally in charge of promoting the global subjugation of the male sex, a cause she espouses through her letters of advice as agony aunt to the Parisian magazine, Heel!, together with her regular, if reluctant, resorting to the use of bull-whip and polished boot. The text of Temple of Isis contains, also, experiences of slavery written by the male readers of Heel!. The reader is left perhaps appalled, certainly gasping for air within an alien environment of whips, boots and leather where hybridised, rubberised men serve in silence and in pain, as slaves of the black devas, priestesses to the Goddess. It is doubtful whether any man may read of the dark pleasures herein recounted and return as before, normal and unscathed, to the mundane world of his routine, humdrum life.

Publication Date: 1st October 2001

ISBN 0 9525463 2 9