Slaves of Isis-Hardback edition

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"The chapter titles alone tell you something about the exoticism of Madame de Morville's imagination: Aristotle's Praxis, Infernal Proserpina, and, most promising of all, Pandora's Boots. Elegantly written, richly imagined, with a finely judged humour ... de Morville's style is infectious."
Dr Christopher Hart, Ph.D. The Erotic Review, London

"A must for the true devotee of the boot and the whip."
Lisa Sherman Skin Two Magazine

Publication date: 1st Nov 2000

N.B. Slaves Of Isis contains the text of Madame de Morville's book La Dominatrice and a further 20 chapters published for the first time within its hardback cover.

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ISBN 0 9525463 6 1

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