The Snow Leopard-Hardback edition

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Beyond the limits of man's vision, beyond the physical summits of the highest mountains, there exist other ranges of mountains extending far up into the night sky. When all the known world has succumbed to the darkness of sleep, the dreaming man can perceive this invisible mountainscape upon whose glistening slopes stars sparkle in the powdery new-fallen snow. Its jagged contours seem to him supported by the physical peaks of the Himalayas, Alps and Pyrenees. Were this dreamer possessed of the eagle's sharp-focused eye, he would see the polished silhouettes of goddesses, the outline of palaces, of castles in the sky. He might glimpse from the foot-hills the shine and purpose of the black stiletto boot, the serpentine whip held uncoiled in the gloved hand, sensitive to the dreamer's slow ascent. Enter the realm of the snow leopard ... of the smooth-booted and predatory Goddess.

Publication date: 1st October 2002

128 pages

Price £ 8.99

ISBN 1 903908 00 0