Paradise Lost

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Shot through with arrows, transfixed to an interior wall of a Venetian palace, the protagonist faces the ordeal of his initiation into the mysteries of the ancient order of Heel!. Elsewhere in Venice, countless men, emerging breathless from the moonlit lagoon, are similarly subjected to this final stage, the last step on the slippery road of their rubbery conversion to boot-worshipping servitude. A brand - that of the rubberman slave of the otherworldly Empire of Heel! - is stamped on their foreheads as confirmation of their mutated condition, such is the unfortunate fate to be endured by each of Madame de Morville's masculine readers.

144 pages: 21.6 X 13.8cms

UK Price 8.99, hardback

Forthcoming - October 2004

ISBN: 1-903908 27 2


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