Hall of Judgement

An entomologist equipped with canisters of insecticide attempts unsuccessfully to sterilize the oversized scarab-beetle that is the transport of the invading army of a whip-wielding and stiletto-booted race of Amazonian women. Captured and brought to the Hall of Judgement, he is himself mutated into a rubber-skinned creature, the mindless slave of the transdimensional Empire of Heel!. Madame de Morville dispenses advice to the reader for whom the lemming's impulse, its reptilian instinct, is an everpresent threat to the usual routine of his life and to the condition of his increasingly rubbery limbs.

128 pages: 21.6 x 13.8 cms

Publication Date October 2003

UK Price: 8.99, hardback

isbn 1-903908-09-4