Hall of Mirrors

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According to an ancient historian, the Queen of Sheba was deceived by the patriarchs at King Solomon's court into revealing her exceptionally shod feet, which were rumoured to be webbed and reptilian. An artificial pool of water, created with crystals, was prepared, over which she then stepped with the skirt of her long dress raised, as had been planned and predicted by her male hosts. The curious men, briefly triumphant at the easy success of their plot to uncover the truth about the Queen's webbed, or even hoofed, feet - which had become confused with those of her equine and human servant - were mesmerized by the shine of her stiletto-heeled boots, falling to the ground in an act of spontaneous worship.

In the same manner that the physicist is capable of deriving the climatic history of the planet by kneeling beside a solitary puddle and studying the vibratory, wave-like patterns beneath the surface, the metaphysicist can penetrate other worlds existing beyond the reflective surface of the courtesan's looking-glass, and like the scrying, crystal-gazing alchemist, or shaman, plunge bodily into their liquid dimensions. He perceives the distant shine, the staccato sound of the approaching black boot, the kohl-rimmed eyes of the ageless Egyptian gazing at her reflection, the molecules of his body becoming aligned with the extremity of her feminine vibration. He is pulled by this instinctive attraction, dragged crying and screaming like the new-born, rubbery child into the alien world of the Queen of Sheba, of Queen Nefertiti, into the ethereal empire of the black devas, of the organisation, HEEL!.


144 pages: 21.6 x 13.8 cms

Publication Date April 2003

UK Price: 8.99, hardback

isbn 1-903908-04-3