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Published for the first time as a collection, the letters in this
book will provide the reader - "fortify the neophyte" - with the
sound advice given by Madame de Morville to her guests on
the "pet subject" of etiquette, together with her insights into
living in a post-Revolutionary society. Madame de Morville
advocates as a solution to the ills of modernity, a return to
the mores and discipline predominating in medieval Europe,
proposing a reintroduction of the chivalric code of honour -
of the "courtly love" of the troubadour.

Whether the reader of this book is drawn from the upper
echelons of the aristocratic order, or finds himself on a
moonlit night to be the proverbial urchin in a Neapolitan
street, the content of these thirty-three letters will prove vital
to his social betterment, to the acceptability of his perhaps
hirsute person within the more polite society that will
surely await him.

144 pages: 21.6 X 13.8cms
11 Illustrations by Sardax
(see selection here)

UK price paperback, £6.99
ISBN: 1-903908-46-9
December 2006


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