The Chameleon Tongue

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The visitor to the English stately home, Kingston Lacy, is confronted by the portrait titled Marchesa Maria Grimaldi and her dwarf painted by Rubens 400 years ago. After dark - the lingering tourist is warned - she emerges from within the volume of the painting's canvas, into this world. Her period costume is then substituted by the more futuristic wardrobe of polished rubber, or leather, worn by the stiletto-booted membership of the otherworldly organisation, HEEL!. It seems to the protagonist of this book that the erection of the obelisk shipped from Egypt's Temple of Philae, on the South Lawn, is responsible for the simultaneous materializing of whip-wielding priestesses of Isis on the night of the full moon. He finds himself an unwitting witness to the arrival there of the Goddess - dressed in the same fetishistic garb as this vanguard of her army of devas - and is converted bodily to the new religion, to the life of the hybrid rubber-man.

128 pages, 21.6 x 13.8 cm

UK price 8.99,hardback

ISBN 1 903908 01 9