The Chateau-Hardback edition

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"In response to the interest expressed by readers of Madame de Morville's previous books as to the nature of the life she leads at Chateau de Morville, the publishers have printed this guide-book which it is hoped will provide the nocturnal visitor with essential information concerning the dark pleasures that await him there."

"The fourth book to come from the pen of Madame de Morville, author of Slaves of Isis, the text of The Chateau contains hitherto unpublished correspondence between this medieval dominatrix and the modern slave, whether he is a dreamer woken within the nightmare scene, or back-packing tourist lost beneath the leathery tiles and polished boots of a moonlit other world."

Publication date: 1st June 2001

Price £ 8.99

ISBN 0 9525463 3 7