The Cardinal Sin

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As the world goes up in smoke, the femme fatale of the constellation, Bootes, begins her colonisation of planet Earth. Ideally suited to the more watery conditions, the advance party of this booted deva’s army picks off the male politician, the military tactician, breaking his heart, pressganging the more adaptable man into the service of the universal Goddess - converting him, his squatting frog’s body, to her religion of the stiletto boot. In this sequel to Etiquette, the finer points are further refined by the giving of examples and taking of patriarchal life. 

MADAME DE MORVILLE writes from the moonlit privacy of her chateau in the foothills of the Pyrenees to her numerous and seemingly spell-bound admirers drawn from the male sex. 

528 pages: 21.6 x 13.8cms
23 Illustrations

UK price paperback, £11.99
Second edition
ISBN: 978-1-903908-49-5

Hardback edition to be published in due course.


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