The Amphibian


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In the aquatic culture of the Lapita people of Polynesia, nautical use was made of the cross-section of the stiletto shoe. The ship
bound for the Heavenly body was fitted with an unusual, leathersail - the "lobster claw", so called, or two-dimensional shoe.

The moon of Bootes, Sirius C, or the Pleiades, wherever the ethereal
location chosen by the Lapita's priestess might be, was aligned
with the night sight of the ship's mast - or rather the leather heel of the grail sail.
The lunar sphere or chakra of the star, was held in the vice-like grip of the lobster claw or more prosaically in the
cup provided by the U-shape of the grail sail.
The cosmopolitan Polynesian, the victim man in this cosmic game of "Snakes and Ladders", was secured, bound by the leather strap to the ship's rigging.
A magic word, or rather a command, was spoken by the priestess, sending the volunteer, this cosmopolitan Polynesian,
his rigid body into outer then inner space of the ether or booted deva - the next dimension of the multiverse, the perverse, of the
whip-wielding, card-carrying member of the organisation, Heel!.

MADAME DE MORVILLE writes from the moonlit privacy of her chateau in the foothills of the Pyrenees to her numerous and seemingly spell-bound admirers drawn from the male sex. 

210 pages:21.6 x 13.8cms
8 Illustrations

UK price paperback, £9.99
ISBN: 978-1-903908-50-1
Published December 2010

Hardback edition to be published in due course.


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